PonderLock is unique way to encourage your kids to earn the use of a tablet or smartphone through learning.

Each puzzle is a set of questions they must research in order to figure out the passcode to unlock their device.

For instance each night you can choose a new PonderLock puzzle and reset the lock password on their device with the answer.

We also do not provide the answers so you get an opportunity to test out each quiz before passing along to the kids!

Choose a category in the above menu to get started!

Below is an example to demonstrate how it works:


1) Year the Declaration of Independence was written

Answer is 1776


2) Year California became a state

Answer is 1850 (1776 + 1850 = 3626)


3) Speed of Sound at sea level in miles per hour (rounded to nearest whole number)

Answer is 761 (can be found easily on Google).  Now add 3626 to 761 which equals 4387

Set the lock screen passcode to 4387

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